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Humanity has been misled by the Invisible College that began in the land of the Pharaohs and within Babylonian occultism. There has been, since 1945, a new spread of a political system of the Kalergis family with a very old religion attached. Its visible control is the Fratres Lucis lodge heading the Invisible College, called so because it writes itself out of history.

Synarchy is a slave master society with banker leaders, which despises Christianity and all faith. It is Luciferian in nature and drains social qualities always heading for austerity, which its IMF caused as the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

The Invisible College does exist and like a parasite hides in nontraditional ways. This means its Egyptian A and P Masonry and motivation is hidden inside the Eleusinian Mystery Religion of 15BC (now called FL). Its deeds in war making are also hidden, for instance, in Britain by Lord Shelburne (PM for a year) (hiding the French Revolution) and a Mr Beer (Round Table) (hiding the War of Independence) to conceal its shocking misdeeds.

It has misused such charities as Guggenheim and corporations like Carnegie and Rockefeller to rewrite history through the American Historical Society (as from 1930) . Its wider plan is firstly to unite East and West banking as its own monopoly of commerce transport, and raw materials through the subtle infiltration of otherwise innocent Freemasonry and such misuse of that power. To contaminate governments, it grows by infiltration to create the foundation of shadow government and deep state. Naturally it doesn’t like the light and has chosen the Luciferian reversal of all values since its foundation in 4000 BC.

Playing with time it will use its master plan to visit a country perhaps a dozen times in a thousand years to push it in the direction of the great plan. (such ‘lodge time’ is Egyptian cyclical). When such cyclical counterculture is seeded in any generation, it will wait 120 years to bring such plans to action. For instance, it planned America as its own nation, then created the War of Independence, and, finding itself rejected, laid the foundation of Presidential murder first used on Lincoln to get its banking way, and then to murder President Garfield 1881 to break opposition to the same plan and also to murder Mr Morgan (whistle-blower) whose body was miraculously found in 1881, allowing then 120 years from 1881 for the full plan to emerge in Twin Towers and attempts at Eastern Empire from 2001. In 1881 a French Rothschild recruited opposed extremists in the area of Israel. Jacob Schiff in 1881 paid for the Scofield bible describing Armageddon war as 'god's plan'.

It should not be supposed that our American cousins are to blame. No nation is to blame. Oligarchs come as much from Russia and China as they do from France, Belgium, Germany, or the United Kingdom. Again, we need to shift our minds from time and historical distortion, to the formation of corporations and central banks internationally. We deal with basic human greed and their insecurity, yes, but deliberately woven into a lust for empire in which they are the sole cause, being well concealed.

Be it war making, white or black slaving, currency manipulation, looting or illegal drugs and more, such a cabal has operated using Fratres Lucis (Brotherhood of Light and Swastika) as its chief lodge controlling 200 or so occult groups, each dedicated to various pursuits that undermine democracy and freedom. This book is about one main arm called ‘Synarchy’ which used to belong inside the FL ranks called Martinism. Now it is called Synarchy and is the driving force of Fourth Reich.

You see, there have been stages where, driven out of its Babylonian founded Greek Arcadia, where it hid from Tutankhamen and from Egyptian reform, thence falling foul of the 500 BC Greek democracy movement, it ended up in the swamps of Venice for a thousand year as First Reich. Using mainly Frederick 11 it founded a second thousand-year Reich. This was the invasion of wider Europe and Britain. This Reich was cut short by the League of Cambrai, 1500’s, which drove them back to Venice.

The thousand year Third Reich you know about, was cut short by the allies, but now we have the thousand year ‘Spengler’ and Kalergis Fourth Reich as global Synarchy. It is an age without God, without compassion as in IMF austerity, of massive wealth for the already rich and poverty for the remaining peasants. It is surveillance and control of liberty and loss of freedom of any opinion as deemed ‘politically incorrect’. Its ISR agents of Frankfurt degrade our traditions and liberties while seeking to remove the white population from all of Europe.

Synarchy is the peasant commune for humanity run by cabal bankers. It disposes of democracy, sovereignty and human individuality and freedom.

After the League of Cambrai, using Switzerland and inventing neutrality in the 16c, it created the 1710 lodges of Saudi Arabia and Turkey (Werewolves) which caused WW1, then moving the lodges of FL as sent to Vienna in 1781 so causing, yes causing, WW2. Rockefeller, USA created Eugenics not the Germans, and it was his family line with his Brzezinski who cyclically used the same Saudi lodges with King Fahd to attack Russia in Afghanistan 200 years later, thus triggering Jihad and extremism globally. Their hoped-for plan for WW3 by 9.11 is in book ‘9.11 to Armageddon’.

For your spiritual destruction they employed Darwin and his Luciferian Grandfather of the equally satanic lodge of Kilwinning to kill off God. Incidentally, there are four such lodges, Stockholm messing up finance with fiat planning and usury, Paris making war, instead of diplomacy, and Naples fouling education as preparation for a psychologically dominated young generation. Sticking to religious distortions, Rockefeller interests try to dominate the World Council of Churches and run the National Council of Churches USA. Their ‘Babylonian pantheon’ ‘churches’ are to capture the high ground in counterculture and make 'evil doing' look moral.

Rockefeller stopped Christian teaching in schools in the USA by withholding grants. (See Congress and Rees Committee) His grants fuelled Scottish Independence efforts with the same minister now backing man-made global warming, as the international fraud from the same cabal. This female talks about climate deniers (person who denies something, especially someone who refuses to admit the truth of a concept or proposition that is supported by the majority of scientific or historical evidence). Unfortunately for the uninformed there is no accurate science, and the Luciferian bankers have had to lie about the scientific support they simply do not have (see book).

There is nothing more to say outside reading the book as liars who kill off God, using Darwin simply make attacks upon individuals however subtle, to kill off spirituality and have simply spread the seed and desire to be free in everyone.

So we end with the hopes of the (chapter19) Tolpuddle Martyrs example, who forced by simple truth and popular movement of the whole people, a change in a nation at that time dominated by Venice, which then became a nation glowing through a united and resolute desire to breath freedom from domination.

We learn however to avoid disruptive rebellions and marches because the internationalist, good at arranging lawless events to break each otherwise calm protest, are not harmed by what they control. Keen minds, meeting together, internet publishing and keenly observing the political movements and understanding the cabal, is what is needed; a fellowship as Tolpuddle to which a nation may respond calmly and firmly to the roots of protests.

William Stuart


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