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In my younger days on the Pontic Alps in the land of East and West

So much is called conspiracy theory, which stops people thinking or acting. In seeking the truth the author journeyed to the East West divide to view the remnant of Greek-Turkish clashes (of the ‘Venetian’ Giuseppi Mazzini Young Movement), to look at Templar castle remains and such influences ( they taken over by Venetian finances) and to look at anti-religious motivations (the hallmark of Venetian counterculture), before returning to examine the lodges 1710 and 1781 in Turkey and Saudi Arabia that caused WW1 and WW2. This is the story.

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President Kennedy

“We are opposed around the world by a monolithic world conspiracy. That relies primarily upon covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of election, on intimidation instead of free choice, it is a system that has subscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines the military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operation. Its preparations are concealed, not published, its mistakes are buried not headlined, its dissenters are silenced, not praised, no expenditure is questioned, no secret is revealed; that is why the Greek politician Solon made it a crime to shrink from controversy. I am asking for your help in informing and alerting the American people, confident that your help will help man to be what he was born to be, free and independent”. RIP

Enter the historic kingdom

You come on this journey into the corridors and depths of the pyramids to seek two items to prove that they are there. The first item is well hidden in the gloom; it is a clock, pointing to Egyptian time, and set by hosts unseen. As world time itself unfurls. the hands are wound back to the starting point, again and again, until a purpose is established in any chosen country. So you may expect this clock to be of repeated attempts to establish its ‘will’ over freedom, democracy and sovereignty, its controllers despising individuality and leadership and literally hating religion and any reason for compassion.

In its dial is a segment of 120 years. In use of these years it sits across what it calls ‘international law’ like a great squid, and plans its corrections to the nations over the three generations that allows the Grandson or daughter to trigger what the grandparents planned. It not only sees itself as international law, but also inviolate and above any law and any punishment, therefore, were its crimes traceable in such a devious plan.

The second item is a star. It has died and is ‘light in darkness’ rotating in vibrations that are taken by its leaders as its omnipresence Lucifer within the world pantheons; these pantheons first located in Babylon as the controller of this first man-made ‘religion’, which spread abroad and is now the global regulation of what is right and what is wrong, an aggressive form of occult humanism that destroys both paganism and Christianity in its own constant rotations.

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Byzantine Empire map
Roman Empire map
Western Roman Empire

These two Roman Empires still want to unite in Synarchy as East and West as the overall plan.  One world order is part of this scheme as it tries to snare a manipulated American economy into a plan for such global monopoly.

But now to the organisers.

Chapter 1: Illuminati

This chapter explains the true and concealed Egyptian origin of the illuminati, followers of three corrupted pharaohs, and explains where they existed, where the illuminati moved to, who they were and are, and how and why they operate still.

Marduk of Babylon image
Marduk of Babylon

In the first chapter of Synarchy you will learn about Marduk of Babylon, god of the pantheon, in which is the Brotherhood of Light and Swastika, celebrated in Babylon and Arcadia, as first linked to the controlling Pharaoh, Sin Muballit. He was the follower and leader of the ‘Stonemasons’ very secret and well concealed star religion. He controlled pantheon linked religion… the first humanist of a humanist House of the gods.

Using Marduk as a cover, to break away from the traditional gods of Egypt, such as Amun Ra It was a humanism that was evil as opposed to good. We might call it occult.

The trade routes carried the pyramid message around the world of ‘pyramid building’ just as the early burial mounds were worshipped, but of course for reasons of the dead.

But now it was as a reminder of new oligarchic control of populations and slavery and as sign of the earthly power of leaders ‘living’, not ‘dead’; as also the end of the more traditional pagan religions (death of God) and disruption of Christianity too. The movement became the 'oligarch's and dictator's dream'. There followed the looting of traditional treasuries and absolute control of people’s freedoms with attached controls and human sacrifices.

Thus ‘pantheon religion (human controlled for gain) was born to spread and dominate the trade routes to the West, first found in Egypt and then in St Mark’s basilica in that Venetian fondo of the West-East Roman Empire of Byzantium. Such a pantheon moved to London, Paris and Rome as it did grow universally. (Indeed, Monnet of this cabal of the (Synarchy) EU was buried, dug up again and placed in the Paris pantheon alongside Templar conspirators like Victor Hugo, Rousseau and ‘enlightenments’ Cagliostro of Venetian fame.

Two other Pharaohs are listed in this rogue tradition, one of them with the ten kingdoms plan called for by the modern ‘global disorder’ leaders of today.

The plan of First Reich covers their home in Venice for a thousand years. Second Reich was their advancement into Europe for a thousand years, cut short by the League of Cambrai; which saw them back to Venice, and Third Reich, was for a thousand years, being cut short and obliterated by the allies, and the Fourth Reich as now seen in peasant austerity, banker rule, mass immigration and control of populations likely to oppose central banks and banking.

Chapter 2: Freemasonry, the cause or victim of Red Masonry?

Chapter 2 explains the long argument about how Freemasonry has been used in such a plan. It is of itself innocent but is invaded in some places and at some times and this chapter explains its misuse, outlining the potentially dangerous and foreign presence generated by intrusion by the cabal into high street lodges. This threat, haunting Freemasonry, is historically the source of infiltration, espionage, corruption and terrorism in the nation and influences high within parliaments and establishments, as pointed out first by John Robinson in ‘Proof of a conspiracy’. All continental Masonry is allegedly Red after Wilhelmsbad Congress of 1882.

How did this infiltration happen in origin? Tutankhamun returned the traditional gods to their sanctuaries, and stonemasons of pyramid and Babylon building were obliged to hide in the Popular Greek Eleusinian Mystery Religion (EMR), which already had three degrees. This hiding place allowed for their secret influence until being called upon by Nebuchadnezzar 11. He used EMR then for his ten divisions of empire. EMR played a large part in European revolutions and wars. It has been a small step to inhabit some Freemason lodges with the EMR higher degrees. The name since Venice has been the Latin ‘Fratrers Lucis’. In Europe all Freemasonry was first declared Red and of the Illuminati

The 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad: The Illuminati Takeover

Masonry is in three basic and harmless ‘blue degrees’ and Red Masonry is quite different as it uses its high degrees at the level of ‘Templar Trial degree’ and is an Egyptian Masonry (A and P) addition to the ‘blue’, which outlines its very separate ambitions.)

Those wishing to see the battle in a clearer light should be aware of the long fight by English Grand Masters to keep Red Masonry and such occultism of the A and P kind, out of ‘blue’ lodges throughout the 17-18c, and the efforts of the Rothschilds to overturn all European and Christian Masonry using the Congress of Wilhelmsbad 1782 (attended by Fratres Lucis) to ensure that all continental Masonry became Red.

The 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad was one of the more notable of meetings, that was held as a result of several more meetings over the years in Jena, Altenburg, Kohlo, Brunswick, and Wolfenbutte.

Chapter 3: The world greatest mystery cipher revealed

The greatest world mystery has been held to be in Shugborough (Staffordshire) and this chapter shows how its codes work. This is against the failed attempts of Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin to discover its meaning, along with Bletchley Park and the declaration that the mystery cannot be solved as declared by the County of Staffordshire. Such a monument is about war making and still points to a system that has yet to run its full course…. There is yet another contrived war (which may not happen).

Code breaking at Bletchley Park in WW2 turned out to be the routine understanding of one monitored German’s lapses into plain language. In Shugborough it is likewise all about understanding the number of clues the Cabal has left behind in history about how it operates in daily life, and in working out how this effects the timing and placing of its monuments built to its international progress and plan.

Shugbough monument boasts of the future control over America (War of independence) and over Europe (French Revolution) as organised within its Venetian Hell Fire Clubs.

This is the revealing of the Shepherd’s monument of Shugborough with its identical A and P and ‘Rosicrucian’ form as at Rennes – le- Chateau, reminding us that the parish priest of Rennes was warned years before the French Revolution that revolution was on its way and was in unique danger from the Habsburgs and the banking cabal, so he fled abroad. The monument anticipates the American War of independence and French Revolution and declares such a future counterculture to be the progress of the Venetian trading Empire.

Chapter 4: the plan to wreck Britain

The Erasmus Darwin era had affects upon Britain long before the life of Charles Darwin.

From Erasmus, his Grandfather, comes the first evolution theory used as ‘Round Table’ and international counterculture called ‘Enlightenment’. It spread straight from Erasmus into Oxford and Cambridge universities. Erasmus was a Master of the Kilwinning lodge, one of four set up by Venetian led Templars, to change finance, education, religion and politics… one of four lodges (each with a purpose) set up in the pattern of an upside down cross across Europe designed in 1150 AD by a Venice misusing its Templars. There is an illustration of the Templar lodges in the book. They were renewed by Tavistock in 1930.

Erasmus taught the death of God and spirituality to Grandson Charles Darwin and to the nation at large, being the real evolutionist. It is quite clear that the death of God is counterculture designed by this cabbalistic lodge in which Erasmus was Grand Master, aiming to destroy the nations god and moral foundation, as is the intended ‘nature laced’ Red Masonry experienced in Britain then and since.

The long voyage of Charles was just like the long voyage of Blavatsky (Theosophy leader) to Tibet where (with her Swastika brooch) she announced she had found the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ of international leaders. She told her sister that they did not exist and if she did not do as ordered, the Templar lodges of Rose Croix would take over. Very like the travels of Roerich who placed the pyramid on the one dollar note after his journeys, matching himself to Rothschild ambitions for central banking.

Just like the Abbot (Theoderich Hagn) travels abroad after which he placed the correct Nazi Swastikas in Lambach Abbey into which 30 years later Adolph Hitler was recruited. Then came Darwin.

Chapter 5: discusses the Erasmus ‘enlightenment’, its influences on British Society and its destruction of all things Christian

Chapter 5 discusses the impact of the occult years and occult campaigns upon Britain by the first evolutionist, the Master of the Satanic lodge of Kilwinning, Erasmus Darwin, as his campaign spreads into the wider community, and into Church orientated Biblical revisions too. He was lodge dedicated to the death of God and rise of cabala (nature as progress and man as the rampant creator).

Chapter 6: Then came pupil Charles beloved of bankers grim and the arms traders

Charles Darwin was the fox in the hen house, and was taught the Erasmus lodge creeds at university. He went on the fake journeys on the Beagle , on which trip he visited the Galapagos Islands during the historic voyage that did not, as advertised so often, lead on to his ‘ground breaking’ copy of the theory of evolution; his ideas were not inspired by observations in this extraordinary archipelago, but instead dictated by his Red Masonic inheritance and education, and NOT by observations alone. He was under orders.

Chapter 7: The first 9.11

The shadow church has a proper name in ‘Fratres Lucis' lodge, once belonging to East India’s international trading empire. Like mold on fruit, it exist in the pollution and distortion of the real churches of morality rather than exist as a separate unit. It creates and co-ordinates its influence by infiltration across international and denominational boundaries. As reported in the BBC, it launched a fake Quran into the cellars of selected Mosques that then were required to show a dislike of Jews, Christians and other Moslems. All its fake Qurans were stamped Saudi Arabia, from which lodges came WW1 and WW2, (Werewolves), as well as the Afghanistan war of King Fahd and Rockefeller. Similarly in America from 1832 each September 11 it distorted the Old Testament twin towers story in the prophetic writings (see book). Such a banking cabal murdered President Garfield in 1881 and also a Mr Morgan whose body was found in that year. The Americans had decided to kick secret society out of America in Sept 1881 and their enemies, the cabal rule, were to act 120 years after making grand plans. That brings us to Sept 11 2001. Meanwhile the Americans erected a statue of Morgan against secret society and did not give way. At the start of the bankers' fight against Americans, distorted scripture was published in lodge cellars from 1832. This bankers' scripture judged Americans for failing to accept their shadow government, church and state. They had chosen the Bible story of the two towers in 1832 in which story the people were divided into sheep and goats and were now to be divided by banking into those who failed them and were to be punished. This translated very easily into the destruction of two buildings full of people, ‘world trade in their enemies hands’, and the new wars of these bankers started in an Eastern Empire that they long desired as Fourth Reich.

Choosing to reveal the body of a Mr Morgan in 1881 whom they had killed, as a warning to all whistle-blowers, as he was a Mason, this original Sept 11 1832 movement and onward campaign really took off in 1881 with patriots now having evidence of the body ‘found’ in that year, showing murder of whistle-blowers and suspicions they had controls over Congress and had in 1881 murdered President Garfield. Garfield opposed their banking and slaving. The clock started ticking from this cyclical attack upon America to a sign of hatred of opposition to be held 120 years later.

In defiance of banking, 11 States erected a monument against secret society The American in 1882. Neither side gave way.

It became apparent in the year of 1881 at Oxford that the ‘Scofield Bible’ was suggesting Armageddon (a final war as supposedly outlined in the Book of Revelation) was presented as a physical war planned by ‘god’, instead of the spiritual battle brought by Christ Jesus that we know about.

This distortion was completed by an ’occult’ based revision committee in Oxford I881 paid for by ‘cabal, war making banker’ Jacob Schiff and, at the same time, a French Rothschild recruited opposing political extremes in close proximity to a proposed state of Israel. This was also aimed at the Jewish nation, which they hated for avoiding slavery in their history. (see Moses) This was to be WW3.

Morgan and Garfield were the sacrifices but, infuriated by the continued opposition to right wing rule, the further 9.11 event was planned as usual with 120-year delay. This being the opportunity to avoid the law by secret planning and take another step toward ‘one world order’..

American Patriots were aided by blue degree Masons, when Red Masonry produced the discovery of the 1881 body of Morgan and then also murdered the President who opposed slavery and central banking plans.

Jacob Schiff (Mega 6 banker) also had the Tsar murdered. He paid for the Scofield (jail bird living in the Lotus Club) biblical revision suggesting a new Armageddon War, after a trigger event.

120 years

The 120-year dark age given to the Early Church in Rome by Simon Magnus (Venetian EMR) is applied to all the cabals short term plans. We must add 120 years to Sept 11, 1881 to reach Sept 11 2001.

(The story is in this book, as in 9.11 to Armageddon.) This includes an attempt at Eastern control through the lies of 9.11.

Chapter 8: A more modern Venetian Empire warns us of such truths as global financial empire and slavery

Before the final 9.11

The Rhodes oligarchic empire was created using Egyptian Masonry. The Boer War, according to insider historian of Tragedy and Hope Professor Quigley, pg. 935 was organised by the said bankers.

Although the visible arm of the bankers of East India Co (Venetian run), with 50% world trade, had moved to America, the rotten part of the establishment in London/Paris was still connected through Lombard and Venetian banking into wider Europe and not so neutral Switzerland; this cabal organised the Rhodes Empire pretending it was British. The ransacking of Africa for gold, silver, diamonds and slaves, for both greed and power also, was still a part of the four-lodge counterculture Empire outlined in 1150 AD. Those who want to suggest these Empires did not exist or will not exist again, should look to this Red Masonic chapter and to such comparatively modern colonies of the oligarchs and see how it was done. (Third Reich was also conducted by Red Masonic lodges of this cabal.)

Chapter 9: Frankfurt movement

Many years of counterculture, infiltration of our society and culture, have taken place and been deeply concealed much in the name of Frankfurt banking.

Henry V111 brought the Venetian cabal to Britain in defiance of the League of Cambrai.

Warfare from 1600 was also silently switched to mind destruction of which the ‘death of God’ was uppermost and was but the drive to kill the nations spirit and define morality by Pantheon (human) convenient morality. Frankfurt movement was just one counterculture of many attempts to destroy the West.

In Chapter 9, Frankfurt is a movement against healthy minds. The Romans learned to weaken powerful nations by stealing and ridiculing their gods, culture, ambitions and loyalties. The rest was easy.

So Frankfurt, a Rothschild base, started using mental means to destroy the West including using Goethe University (Frankfurt) to train and send 1SR agents (Institute of Social Research ) as political counterculture within our daily institutions such as Synods and parliaments as arranged by Fabian Society, (which founded the Labour Party). Even Prime Ministers advisers (power without vote) were provided in the time of Thatcher (agent Crosier). (In the manner of the infamous Colonel House USA in the time of President Wilson). Beware of those who presume to rule without any public consent.

Such agents further corrupted American and British life, pretending a new ‘middle way’ philosophy. Under Hitler, ISR agents ‘fled’ to America where they then ‘established a ‘superior’ false think tank on American shores, pretending ‘Middle Way’ politics (at once grafted into USA intelligence units) The movement was no more than the ‘Synarchy’ of Hitler’s bankers, as continued into the peace years….the peasant commune, run by bankers (synarchy) belongs to Goethe and ISR agents It is aimed at EU commune development, a copy of East India trading and siren for the breaking of Western industry.

In 1919 at Versailles ‘peace’ conference the bare bones of WW2 were planned, in secret; also in Canada, Rockefeller as matched in the secret planning of the 1913 Federal Reserve began the EU planning from 1942 in Canada tp match East India Trading Organising in harmony with the 1925 Pacific Relations (Synarchy) which met in secret to form that EU in Canada before D Day in 1942 All counterculture was developed to reduce the individual to a peasant and the government as a tool of banking (Nazi -communism or Synarchy). This was supposed to be led by Hitler's bankers.

Chapter 10: The Hippie movement

The Hippie movement and MK ultra-drug era fondly recalled by those unaware of its damage to the young are also unaware that Sandoz Chemists and Warburg Venetian bankers created it.

The Hippie movement and MK ultra-drug era was part of the imposed decay of America and destruction of its young with the breakdown of authority. This was fanned by European ISR agents using also Tavistock of London, (then a Venetian stronghold) with links to Synarchist reputations like Napoleon and Dagobert 11 and driven by the example of occultists Jung and Freud, both very much in favour of illegal drugs and bogus psychology; so all fanning the flames of Western destruction. An infamous branch of Tavistock was taken over by Rockefeller in 1920 and by Wall Street banking first used in India.

It was intended that the young be supplied with illegal drugs from that time onward. The CIA was participant and key (Tavistock created 0SS which became the CIA). CIA was at first controlled by Allan Dulles, a Rockefeller executive. (We must remember infiltration and not wholesale corruption of ‘Intelligence’ where agents continue doing their moral duty)

Aldous Huxley, Young Round Table of Ascona of Madame Blavatsky (an Illuminati Venetian Swastika member), also supplied much of the drug LSD made for him by Sandoz Chemists (Swiss origins). Switzerland was adopted by Venice in the 15 C administrative changes. Drug costs were paid for, jointly but largely by the Warburgs and CIA, using Sandoz Chemists, as hired also by the Byzantine bankers called Warburg (real name Abraham del Banco of Venice) as assisted by Round Table and ‘Venetian’ Aldous Huxley, who ordered his own batches.

Those who want to blame any nation should remember the problem came from the East and is bankers’ rule against principally the Christian faith and democracy. Anyway, the Hippie and the drug abusers are the product of Venice, Warburg,Tavistock, and ‘Dulles CIA’ with Round Table working to support such plans in a most fundamental Frankfurt manner.

Chapter 11: The EU saga and the end of white man’s rule

EU was founded in Canada in secret in 1942 to remove white people from Europe and Britain. Egyptian looking people were preferred. The bankers who caused all war (and not politically correct are those they accuse of racism. to hide their people smuggling) and are best described as Venetian controlled and led the EU banking schemes having no democracy within them. EU was not created to keep the peace, being founded by the historic warmakers.

EU founder Kalergis roots) envisaged mass immigration so that the local councils and local people would lose identity and then lose control of what their taxes over generations had provided for them and their families. It would also nullify the Industrial revolution linking to its extreme and mad zero- rated carbon society, rapidly heading us all into starvation. This immigration was aimed at causing mounting foreign ghetto’s in a nation, which in turn would lead to a combination of loss of national identity, loss of privacy and cause potential or similar ‘chip control and loss of our privacy to keep order . This is the perfect scenario for global control of the individual leaders, and ultimately of the nation.

Western nations and governments would then resort to the apparatus of surveillance and mega-control and intrusion into individual privacy. Such loss is used for the future transition to shadow government and deep state easily controlled by bankers once it is set up, without the need of democratic systems. Then, in comes Synarchy with the plan unveiled at last, as seen in bankers rule as in the ‘Greek crisis’ recently.

They just forgot to tell the allies that Hitler was leader of Synarchy and they, his bankers, had control of Europe before D Day.

The problem for nations is that the oligarchs are hiding in East and West and defensive rocketry is pointing at an illusory enemy and is useless for reform of global control.

Chapter 12: Global warming hoax of Venetian Dutch Bilderberg

A few oligarchs used occult Nazi Prince Bernhard’s Bilderberg and the ‘occult Ark’, located in Holland, in link to the European Black Nobility bankers and their Club of Rome, all invented to monopolise the green industries, and, where possible, to pursue the interest they have in advancing ‘global control’.

For millions of years the nations have moved in and out of ice ages and tropical events and yet these liars tell us that it is the hottest or the wettest or the windiest year on record. Which records are we talking about? The ones released by a schoolgirl, or the ones that cover the ages, as best defined in tree rings and ice samples, by geology and by the fully qualified scientists (with one salary not two); those with the truth and lifetime and academic knowledge of the facts require.

Despite the propaganda and help of the media to portray disaster the massive bulk of scientists see no cause for alarm.

At least 90% of creation’s animal are extinct and this most ancient trend will continue due to natural climate change and food movement; but suddenly the natural weather change that moves their food and moves them too, is suddenly to be seen as starving creature on melting ice flows, in a new ‘crisis’ that is instead life’s natural cycles. Temperature change in some regions happen very quickly. Falsification of trends is recorded in the chapter. It is a typical Venetian scientific fraud, which is, next to slavery their long tradition.

There is nothing we can do or should do to stop solar flares from the sun, which give us heat. But instead of gratitude for a mild climate in our time, the apes amongst us cannot inspire any leadership to clean up the planet and its ecological systems, and each attempt (i.e. plastic bags) is a half- tried failure by those who cannot stand up to the dirty chemical, plastic and mechanised farming industries, and are confused by this silence of those seeming to motivate and lead in fake global concerns. These oligarchs that have replaced our organic markets are the worst polluter, but also purveyors of ‘international farm standards’ in favour of man adulterated foods short of nutrition and goodness and full of chemicals and cancer causing agents .

The lemmings amongst us, continue to throw themselves over the proverbial cliff in huge numbers in a desperate bid to wreck the industrial revolution (to create a fantasy green world) and bring the terror and full weight of starvation and poverty to all of us in the West.

One of the companies that allowed the metal lead to be added to fuel knowing it caused horrific, human, neurological problems, then prevented removal of such lead in fuel by lying about its affects, and more recently discharged poison into a river which provided the drinking water for 70,000 people… when asked about its conduct (knowing it was polluting) it said “it was inconvenient to do anything about it”.

So we must wake up to the failing power of the public when they choose public enquiries into public scandals conducted, it seems, so often by ‘top level’ corporation influences, which also controls some enquiry results (ie not tracing the cause of man- made warming science) all conveniently supressed.

So, little progress is made when looking at such things as faulty medicine, building cladding and cloud seeding as with chemicals in water and air. But we should not rebel or riot, just hold our own enquiries and present them for monitoring to local councils. Soon an ‘advisory pattern’ will emerge with other ‘people efforts’ similarly ‘put down’, and the sordid influence of international law be exposed, which can be replaced by local honesty and integrity, with common sense and truth seeking to undermine that chain of silence.

But the oligarchs with their fake definitions aimed at ruining the economies of America and Britain and in controlling Europe in a certain direction, proceed almost without opposition to the sadly deluded idea that we can stop the sun’s solar flares or natural influence, and yet also determine how many clouds we should have and of what kind. Apart from poisoning us all, everything dies without natural sunlight.

We need a government urgently that can lead us to the do-able, and which exposes any cunning drums and flutes of Babylonian origin; the occultist rent- a mob, who prevent the urgent do-able clean-up of the planet… we so desperately need.

Now the expression ‘climate denial’ is used by the Scottish minister as a people fault, to denote a human failure. Larger the fault that allowed Rockefeller Fund to fund in the last round of ‘Scottish Independence’ propaganda recently, as she supports such bankers’ fake climate change too.

Chapter 13: Chemtrails (Chemical warfare)

Like you I had my doubts until listening to John Brennan of the CIA and looking at the records of President Obama. This form of what amounts to ‘germ warfare’ is covered up, to hide the original man-made warming hoax, that they created in order for the usual monopolies to profit from new green industry supported by our tax. Also, in this faze to sell their fault ridden technologies in secret around the world …cloud seeding technology globally, is the further gain for the cabal’s carbon neutral billionaires.

Chapter 14: The real roots of terrorism are the wealthy oligarchs

Those who cause our wars and human divisions are Luciferian lodge members (Alpina) and work together; they make such lodges the traditional homes of radicalisation. As example, the Lodges of Saudi Arabia of 1710 sponsored radical Wahhabism of agent Hempher of East India Co, the idea was to develop political ‘religion’ with lodges of counterculture to attack Indian leaders and allow further attacks upon fellow Muslims and Christians using a new Quran. (Such faith today is normalised under a regular Quran without East India intrusions.)

They managed to cause WW1 through their 1710 lodges in the area and the Greek- Turkish clashes with WW2 assisted though the same structure from 1781. For WW2, the 1710 lodges were used to ferment war from Vienna in 1781 and yet again were used by Rockefeller and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in 2001, to attack Afghanistan, and cause conflict with the Russians.

War is lodge multiplication and Luciferian lodges are organised by bankers. So, world terrorism is not just caused by a ‘rent-a crowd’ and we should look to offshore manipulations to understand conflicts of the very wealthy. Soros (Rothschild) should be invited to discuss revolutions in Europe and so should the Rockefeller fund, (David’s survivors), to explain attacks upon the Russians leading to the Afghanistan war, from whence the whole movement of ISIL and Jihad originated along with radicalisation and more attacks s upon the East, originating as shown, by the bankers 9.11 fabrications.

Chapter 15: Education distorted

‘Common Purpose’ seems to have a foot in the door. That organisation, naturally has Venetian banking support and Oxford links, and promises unskilled and ill-principled government savings in police, schools, churches and hospitals etc through its many schemes, as it moves tax payer funding of these ideals as both savings and to its own funding and wealth.

The savings leave the nation ‘asset stripped’ and in moral poverty. People should fight to stop any system that avoids the oversight and controls of their taxpayers, Councils, of their teachers, unions parents and voters. Good politicians agree.

In America, the oligarchic intrusion has made schooling too expensive and has introduced counterculture as a ‘result driven system’ that has caused the resignation or cruel sacking of the rounded education teachers that society really needs. In its beginning in the USA grants were removed in schools by Rockefeller if Christianity existed and Synarchy ‘communism’ was maintained instead (See Rees Committee of Congress). Oligarchs were moving those schools to peasant commune education in the USA for Rockefeller, instead of to individuality, faith and leadership. It was just as Karl Marx, who was a Rothschild agent, had once had the same motivation in Britain Everywhere where ‘people power’ and democracy are disrupted by hedge fund systems, watch out for the young.

Chapter 16: Synarchy banking

Not too long ago it was decided to close the Bank of International Settlement for its war crimes. It was also determined to end casino banking. Neither happened. Gold has been removed and replaced with fiat currency which in times of crisis is printed (quantitively easing) which destroys pension and savings and all saving of value. It is all for the protection of the grotesque banking system of sick politics. The manipulative schemes of Rosicrucian agents with impressive titles like ‘Von’ have been no more than gross fakery, a desire to control gold markets and become private swing lender and profit from manipulating and printing fiat currency; QE is printing paper money and stealing savings and income tax as well as emptying the Bank vaults of any gold and is the cabal usury game.

Some America corporations have started preaching against the ‘reforms’ of banking post WW2, which were never completed in any case, thanks to Rockefeller influences and agents looking for another chaotic slide and collapse.

That they intend to have economic collapses from which they will be prepared and so profit from such chaos is written into the character of such light weight holders of power and their Club of Rome, and it is time for nations to hold a modern Glass-Steagall Act and bring all to heel. And also back up the fiat currency with precious metals.

Glass-Steagall Act was passed by the U.S. Congress as part of the Banking Act of 1933. Sponsored by Senator Carter Glass, a former Treasury secretary, and Representative Henry Steagall, chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, it prohibited commercial banks from participating in the investment banking business and vice versa. Rockefeller largely reversed such policy. Such privateers congregate today around the New York branch of the Federal Reserve Bank in America, which conceals effectively their European oligarchic shareholders.

‘The Glass-Steagall Act, part of the Banking Act of 1933, was landmark banking legislation that separated Wall Street from Main Street by offering protection to people who entrust their savings to commercial banks. Eighty-five years ago, this weekend, on 16 June 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Banking Act of 1933, better known today as the Glass-Steagall Act. Until it was formally repealed in 1999, the Glass-Steagall Act required a separation between depository banking and investment banking (and later, insurance companies)

“In recent years, the idea of resurrecting the law has had surprising support across the political spectrum. Progressive Democrats have advocated for its reinstatement consistently since the financial crash of 2008. The official 2016 Republican party platform embraces bringing back Glass-Steagall. Former heads of Citigroup have said it was a mistake to repeal the law. And, for a time at least, the Trump administration seemed open to the idea of revival” (Ganesh Sitaraman). In this book is mention of modern bankers driving America away from Glass-Steagall quite deliberately working for further crisis.

Chapter 17: To murder four presidents

Consensus and a united and firm government is needed instead of past individual sacrifices when conducting wealth and banking reforms. Central bankers’ greed and individual excessive wealth have cost the lives of four presidents and all wars were started by such power in private hands. Starting with the prevention of printing fiat currency and such theft, the World bank and it’s offspring should face the age of austerity they created through the IMF themselves… and democracy should be reformed to recognise the greed, power and corruption that damages all family life.

Chapter 18: The hidden blueprint for global conquest

The cabal by fabricating scripture and Armageddon itself, cannot guarantee a final war to join up the East and West under their control. They have wanted one but are deceivers whose death of God was never accurate. They need to plan for such divine intervention. But it is good to see the whole plan and to do our best to see that it does not happen.

The War

Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in the Old City of Jerusalem, is the third holiest site in Islam. The mosque was built on top of the Temple Mount, known as the Al Aqsa Compound or Haram esh-Sharif in Islam. Muslims believe that Muhammad was transported from the Great Mosque of Mecca to al-Aqsa during the Night Journey.

There is a long history attached to the Jerusalem Dome of the Rock, the site of ‘conflict universal’ intended, and the obvious dangers to it being exploited, by the perceived desecration of a sacred site. The building of a Third Temple and the return of the 12th Imam is part of the final historic and anticipated battle. (See 9.11 to Armageddon.)

The twelfth and final Imam is Muhammad al-Mahdi, who is believed by the Twelvers to be currently alive, will return in such legend to bring justice to the world. It is believed by Twelver Shia and Alevi Muslims that the Twelve Imams have been foretold in the Hadith of such events.

In fact, every religious sect in that region has a develop Armageddon expectation, (view them in 9.11 to Armageddon) and the world now has the Venetian ‘Armageddon Masonry’ plan upon which warfare is often founded. After the first 9.11 of 1881, guru Rothschild of France created radical groups in the areas which now remain opposed to peaceful co-existence.

Setting up for conflict many groups seeking the Venetian final war have been sent to disturb Israel, including Christians wrongly seeking an occult version of ‘rapture’ to add credence to many other excuses for a final war

The cabal is wishing yet one more war upon humanity to secure its kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar11).

Christian Scripture has been distorted from1881 by occultists in the Revision of Scripture, and we may need to know from Scholars what Saudi and Iran Wahabis elements have done to distort the lodge based Quran too.

It definitely means strict control over political and ‘religious’ extremism in and around Israel, and proper investigation of all East- West divides and long-term failure of peace and unity in the region, all needs examining constantly. It is not just failure but is a promoted ill-will toward the destruction of progress.

Chapter 19: There was a time when the oligarchs-controlled Britain

The law did not support the poor when British East India came to the nation before 1600, and msde things worse, nor did the law or church for that matter pioneer reforms until secular anti-slavery. Unity of purpose in the nations of the world is now needed to promote a present from our past that is worth having, and a future that is corporately promoted to bring That fabled love of God, of self and others as to the obvious national intent a nd purpose of ou real endeavours, with of course eternal vigilance for those who oppose such values. We hae to remove Synarchy now.

The people of this nation rose up together to support good Trade Unionists and to condemn the legal professions and ‘established’ indifference to suffering, rallying against the harsh punishments of those trying to improve society.

With the Prime Minister against the people in those days, the citizens quietly understood the problem, banded together and withheld goodwill whilst demanding reform.

Today we are creeping to the same situation, as the problem of pathetic contracts and low job security and child and adult poverty, makes the rich very rich indeed. So, all need to review human progress, and where we are going. Enough people are needed to demand changes to the nation in a unity and firmness of opinion and purpose as we slip toward slavery. We need to see democracy pointed to progress making people more secure not less, and happy with their lot.

Everyone should have shares in their company, and all should be treated properly. ‘Tolpuddle’ reform is identical in intentions to the Moses of biblical fame, who dealt with a slave owner and any move to such a system.

Thus, improving democracy and insisting on its reform is the shock the world needs, not opposition to alleged communism or balanced socialism. We wanted Covic 19 to be a better, kinder Britain, so we need to understand what has been wrong and insist on a fundamental change as once seen in 500BC Greek Democracy that removed large parts of their old system and conditions, removing also the ‘Egyptian’ occult element within.

The rest as they say is up to our power of truth through moral leadership and the desire for a direction that develops fairness, both understanding and protecting our political class who are obviously doing the best they can, but looking for those who are clearly working to another agenda. That agenda is explained in these pages of Synarchy, the language of greed, power and slavery behind a Four Reich plan.