The Invisible College - 9.11 to Armageddon

It was the PNAC, 'planning the new American century’ a meeting of minds suggesting in 1992, that American first strike so close to Darwin and survival of the fittest should be the new policy. In the midst of all this was Mr Blair who misled parliament about such matters, so nearly 10 years before the invasion of Iraq of 2003 the most aggressive policies existed in the USA all tied to these Rockefeller groups. Such Hawks taught that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and the other lies to keep the war going are in the book.

What was going on that so many lies were told about Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction.  There were no such weapons.  The Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral staff wrote to President Clinton about such weapons as early as 1998.

Then came the untimely death of the weapons inspector who knew the facts, David Kelly, standing as he was between armies of West and East.

It was all about the 2001 9.11, and the grand excuse to blame someone foreign for the purgative violence that ended so many lives;  a grand excuse for a long planned invasion called Fourth Reich.

In 2001 Arabs who could not fly planes were implicated in a flying attack upon the twin towers. Neither fire nor planes bring down modern skyscrapers, which are proofed against both hazards.  They are not proofed against weapons grade Thermite, which melts steel and turns it into Swiss cheese...It is an explosive.  It was found on the site and  in building 7 remains, and senior  CIA whistle blower  Susan Lindauer was clear that it was used to demolish the Twin Tower  buildings, and was the agent in the Twin Towers that melted steel at higher temperatures that airplane petrol could manage.

9.1 to Armageddon cover
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She also provided a date when Thermite was laid in the buildings basements (page 248), the explosions  in the buildings before the fall into its own footprint (demolition)   being noted on record by the fire department and u-tube.

The attack on the Pentagon  was equally bizarre.  A first explosion was  in the records area, a missile or drone was fired at the building shortly after,  and an airliner, not on the reported flight path according to police and experts, was seen flying over the pentagon by the security guard...  and so, disappearing.  Downed light  posts were supposed to mark the official flight path of the airliner, which it wasn’t on, but a taxi driver who arranged to have a light post sticking out of his taxi window admitted it was a made up story.  Naturally there was no suitable plane wreckage, tail , seats and engines and bodies , which engines  in any case would have dug up the lawn and damaged the unmarked Pentagon walls.

It is not to a typical America that we turn to for answers, but to those who filled the pages of history with false flag  reasons for promoting war. The PNAC first strike doctrine may not be in place now, but taking its place is the fake threat as posed by 9.11 events which appeared to suggest that America had violent enemies ready to organize high level attacks upon its cities. Since the  Trilateral (Berzesinski) creation of radical Islam for war in Afghanistan the world has woken up to violence, but largely promoted by oligarchs with a Synarchy agenda.

One British politician is on record stating that  the obvious motivation of the cabal responsible and the callous taking of life was designed for a Middle Eastern invasion, for which many  people now  want  a proper examination of the facts. Naturally the cabal protects each other, but the facts speak for themselves. The wall of money and dark deeds of this Empire of the Sun will crack eventually as did King Canute who defied the in-coming tide.