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In the dark pyramid is the secret religion of the stonemasons, the haunting vibrations of Vela X, and the date; 4,000 BC. God Amun Ra was banished, and Lucifer enthroned instead. The slave-master era was born and carried by pantheon religion into the central banks of today. This is the never before revealed account of the cause of Empire and war, of the New Age counterculture in politics, education, finance and religion. The chapters reveal:
(1) There are origins for the Illuminati, revealing their past and present homes and Synarchy plans.
(2) Naturally they need a ‘secret host’ to hide in and as here defined.
(3) The world’s greatest mystery is at Shugborough Hall and is translated to see what they intended.
(4) But first God must die with a little help from their lodge of Kilwinning and servants Erasmus and Charles Darwin. Darkness can only rule when the light is gone.
(5) And so, we start to view the great plan as the first 9.11 is played out in America in 1881.
(6) Any misconception about old world disorders being real, is swept away by Russian protection of America in the Civil War and in Rhodes of Africa as he repeats the one world order and causes the Boer War, curtailing press freedom as necessary for Empire making.
(7) Occult, mind attacks, come to Britain as MK Ultra and Frankfurt as counterculture is applied as warfare against the West.
(8) Hitler’s EU gears up to remove the white population with its Tavistock friends and ISR agents.
(9) Man-made Global warming, a scientific fraud develops, Venetian style, with the Club of Rome and IPPC Hyster-greens.
(10) Chemtrail fires and floods follow cloudseeding.
(11) The historic Root of terrorism is not Russian. Like all recent wars it is central banking and oligarch owned.
(12) Education taken away from parents is Luciferian psychology of the Tavistock kind
(13) Synarchy banking is the cause of austerity
(14) Who murdered four presidents and why?
(15) The hidden blueprint for human futures.
(16) Tolpuddle is a way back.

9.1 to Armageddon cover
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14 years ago, author William Stuart began to explore the darkest regions of our planet. Five years later he had enough data to state that a strain of the Knights Templar had intervened to ensure that the American War of Independence, French Revolution, American Civil War, Russian Revolution, WW1 and WW2 took place.

Five more years passed, and William discovered a strange fact. When the Russian Revolution, heavy with Templar Masonry, began to fail because the 'peasant farmers' remained loyal to their Tsar, Rothschild, Khun Loeb, Warburg, J.P.Morgan, Rockefeller, Fabian Society Round Table and the American International Company stepped forward to apply direct funding to cover up the failure.

Now William knew that the Templars were controlled by American finance, and such financiers took orders from Geneva.

William unearthed the eerie fact that this organisation had designed 7 strategic wars as a blueprint for financial gain and New World Order in 1710. They matched their 7 wars to the "breaking of 7 seals" in the Book of Revelation, and were also all initiated into Red Masonry called Armageddon Masonry, using verses from that last book of the Bible.

Now William began to suspect that there was a seventh war about to occur, a mock up of Armageddon. He set out to see if 9.11 and chaos in the Middle East had connection together, and also if both events had foundation in this satanic cabal.